What's Different:

  • co-create together with the community
  • see who's doing what
  • create agenda for 2020

Script Invitation Video:

PART 1 - Max


Hey DGOV Fellows!

happy to invite you to our second DGOV council in January and come to Berlin again!

Our first council was a great kick off for the dgov movement [abstract parts of the video]

We had a lot a great dgov events during the year


This time we would like to prepare the experience of distributed organization and participation even before the event will start

  • co-create together with you as our community
  • during the council we want to see who's doing what →make everyone and the projects visible
  • provide a space where we Co-Create and share personal visions for DGOV and how we communicate it
  • We as the orga team will provide the venue with good food, space and time for break out sessions and especially great facilitation for your self hosted working and collaboration sessions
  • go into the exchange of ideas

PART 2 - Ela

Hi, this is Ela

What we have seen over time is the need to create identification across multiple spaces of expertise, narratives and perception

  • The council is a great opportunity to co-create the dgov identity and finding a place for everyone in the DGOV universe
  • We would like to enable concrete Take aways, like project groups or even an Agenda for 2020
  • Together we will increase the knowledge base for Distributed Governance
  • we invite you to join the dinner event at my place Supermarkt Berlin in the first evening where we will cook together and exchange ideas for the future

PART 3 - Aeon


We would love to have you on board and take the journey of Distributed Governance. The vision we hold together at the council is to create human centric and scalable governance systems. We need to see the bigger picture and integrate various fields. Therefore we need you all coming together.

Call to Action

  • Let's use our participation Form to propose your own session ideas and lightning talks
  • Get in touch with us for further participation
  • Save the dates from January 24th to 26th in 2020