dgov foresight

dgov foresight

Hey fam, how is it going?

Few things happened on my side

  • after last conference i've gone deeper into community management practice, researched the topics of org maturity, self organization, motivation, cohesion etc dgov experience was a big contribution to my expertise and i'm very thankful for the things i've learned from and with you
  • it also led me to more social work – i've left the development business and work in the ministry of digitalization on the launch of the crypto market and general capacity building. Surprisingly i've found out that many DAO efforts repeat the practices of real governments and kinda run into the same problems
  • finally I started to provide consulting on ecosystem development, distributed fund management etc for few crypto projects and protocols. It's kinda smth i envisioned we could do as a service in dgov, but at that time it wasn't clear. Now it's getting more clear and traction is also there.

So, where I'm going – i often look back and search for the opportunities to continue what we did together to the mutual good. By idea for doing so is to build and refine the vision about what's ahead of us, and where we can be helpful. As the best way to that i'd propose to conduct a "foresight" – collaborative research and vision building process. I've done in for few orgs already, including my ministry/industry. Here's a brief intro on the topic, i believe it can be useful for what each of us does (as a technique and insight):

I'd propose 1 hour zoom call with whiteboard session in mural for the first session. It will be a quick demo run, but still will provide a tangible result after which we can plan forward. If you're up for it – let's find the time: https://doodle.com/poll/dz3e8i5z9bqz5pic