Tactical 03.12.2019


  • Max
  • Tim
  • Martin
  • Anja
  • Phoebe
  • Ela


Martin / Status update regs, facilitation, logistics

9 tickets sold + 6 organizers ~20 registrations. Will get some loss (no breakeven -3500 EUR). Need more people. Anja can make a Linkedin announcement. Had a call with Matan.

Phoebe: can do a push in my accounts.

Martin: also send a reminder.

Tim: need to sell ~40 tickets in total for breakeven.

Ela: Tezos providing the funds. Do they expect money to go back? (no). Many people want to come but haven't buought tickets. We could use the second hour of our call on wed for these talks. That will help us sell more tickets in the end.

Tim: can't write to all people because of spam flagging (as they didn't reply).

Martin: were closed as a group, maybe in reminder we should ask them to invite/connect (people out of dgov now), how do you feel about that?

Phoebe: yes and previous participants?

Tim: did that for general, but not specific "you visited last time". Didn't get much feedback though


Phoebe / time change

Pls friday

Max / Graphic materials

Ela / Next call

Whats missing Communication issues and tensions ToDos and clarification

Closing round

  • Max: Good to have the transparency and open dialog. Grateful to everyone taking time. Feel ok with the current state. Be more agile and push a bit in the next time. Continue afterwards with something like team building, offline meeting