Tactical 04.11.2019


  • Record
  • Work until 4:00 pm CET (3-4 core group call / 4-5 community service)
  • Check-in


  • Internal governance clear plan, goals, roles, value exchange (Phoebe) – no upd
  • Funding (Tim) – met and talked about the funding. The funding for event and travel ($10k) can be sponsored by Tezos money. Need the finance plan to have a clear idea about the ticket prices, extra sponsors etc. There're some funds which is cool. Question – should the team get paid. If we co-create maybe no funding needed. Rather see that as co-creation, Ela's not expecting for now, need your feedback.
  • Team Retreat (Ela) – Space is secured and booked, same catering. the only difference – some event in Supermarkt. Question – how we'll fill 2 days planning. Hope we can come up with the messaging for the community to send their ideas. What do you think about dedicating the 2nd hour to discuss the council (agreed).

Max / Review our agreements

What do you think is our agreement

Max / Role of core


  • Knowledge production support (Max) –
  • Leaders / Collaboration and communication support (Ela) –
  • External awareness & integration (Anja) –

Max / Logic of council budget

Max / council experience

Closing thought