Tactical 06.11.2019


Tim: Would like to support wherever I can for the council, Ticket sell rolling and sponsorship

Max: Great, had good time with Ela and Pheobe last time. More understanding of the vision

Aeon: Great, let's move on


  • Budget council
    • Max: only organize the minimum, no party, swag and recording → Sponsorship packages
    • Ask sponsors for the missing positions
    • Prio: Payment facilitators
    • Next Steps: Aeon/Tim finishing budget with given feedback+final decision and Ticket Sale

  • Sponsorship packages
    • feedback given
  • Personal Invitations council
    • Focus on Follow up for the Ticket sale
  • Further needs for Core group (member needs, governance etc?)
    • Tim: Feels good
    • Next Steps: How to curate the Talks and Sessions for the Council, Process for the decisions on talks and outreach to speakers etc (3 weeks before the council) - Aeon reach out to her

  • Max: Roles in core team
  • see Mural board

  • Aeon: Transparency (Core team content, meeting notes)
    • Everything should be transparent except personal and sensible data
    • Next Steps: Aeon create public folder in notion

  • Anja checkin in:
  • Any preparations for the Community call
    1. Open Community Call

    2. Max Facilitates and records
    3. Aeon: Secretary
    4. Agenda
      • Will be recorded today (ask for it)
      • Overview of recent events (Decisions, planning)
        • Last event from core team was at Web3
          • Find content and recordings at forum
        • Stopped the newsletter
          • understand what the community (you) would love to see
        • Started a very active forum! (Topics, Discussions, working groups)
          • share your tensions, topics, start your own threads
        • happy for our active and diverse group chats
        • Idea: having a dgov House in the future
        • Education
          • sharing with community
          • wider scope and other different spaces/external groups and community
          • Started to work on a DGOV Identity and get feedback from you all → please contribute
          • Community call for sharing and collaboration
      • Update council planning
        • This year it's planned to be more collaborative with participants: Propose your own sessions and talks
        • We will be Council stewards - holding organisation and risk for the council2, providing space, catering and Facilitation (also this call)
        • Council supporters - contributing time and energy where they can and plugging in
        • Would love to see more diversity at this journey of distributed governance
        • What do we stand for at the moment (definition after comm have grown a lot)
      • Crowd source/Open Agenda
        • How concrete participation for the council can look like?
        • Feel free to ask for participation and take tasks
      • How people would like to see the community calls/expectations
        • /
      • Open question circle
      • /
      • See you next Time!