Tactical 13.11.2019


Max: doing lots of things and moving forward AI facilitation tool, working on "Mastermind". Would like to develop mastermind groups also for dgov

Ela: Feeling good. Energized and happy to see all

Tim: Coming back from customer meeting about digital sovereignty. Budget for council is ready so let's move on with tickets, communicate, commit and planning facilitation

Aeon: Happy that's possible to move forward with the council planning


  • Max/Aeon Regular Video content
  • Council
    • Aeon / Eventbrite Invitation
    • Next Steps: Tim and Aeon finish it today

    • Ela/ Check budget
    • Team agreed to the budget

      Max: trusts Tim and Aeon with the budget

      Ela: brings a lot of clarity also in the way of communicating the council

      Anja: Clarification for additional costs

  • Community Call Prep
    1. open call regarding the call

      invite people who submitted proposals upfront in the future

      Next steps: Aeon takes care + Ela

    2. Updates
      • Ticket sale
      • Sessions
    3. Asking for specific support
    4. Asking for session ideas and talks
    5. Further
    6. Next week
      • invite people to introduce their proposals
      • share the results from the participants form (Aeon)
      • Agenda Open Community Call

      • Updates
        • Council Ticket sale
        • first Session proposal
      • Asking for specific support
      • Asking for session ideas and talks
      • Further →Your questions and ideas
      • Next week
        • invite people to introduce their proposals