Tactical 18.12.2019


  • Max
  • Tim
  • Martin
  • Anja
  • Ela: home, ready to work. Looking forward for a break ~xmas.


Tim / Facilitation

See Ela as main facilitator. Don't know about Phoebe status. Will reach Ela directly to resolve that. Probably use very similar structure. +Manu as additional faci. Lightning talks to be decided 2 weeks before the event.

Anja: do we have any proposals so far?

Tim: yes, but we need to discuss it additionally. People need to buy tickets beforehand. Framing.

Anja: once we have some proposal and go to evaluation. Build on the credibility. If we speak about the number of proposals and spread the news – that would hurry up people. The other one – once we have the comfirmation. Agree that shouldn't talk as companies, rather as challenges. Need to communicate with others. Am very confident to describe the formats, but don't know who we can announce. This will be very good for the participants.

Tim: we can work it out, but probably not more than 6 talks (already an hour if 10 mins). When we decide it (2 weeks before the event) – participation should be the main driver anyways. There would be no discounts for LT. Ela, update on facilitation?

Ela: suggested to meet this night, didn't get a confirmation. Faci call (needed) is still outstanding. I'm happy to use time tomorrow/friday to catch up. Let's maybe try one more time. We'll find a moment.

Tim: a bit dissapointed we couldn't talk before. Would like to get some clarity, see you as a main faci.

Ela: not sure we need to have the main. See Martin with us (great to see you). More faci capacity. Will be at the council and will be ready.

Tim: easy way – need a person to make decisions.

Ela: happy to make decisions if noones around. Would nonetheless happy to have a faci team together – e.g. Martin, your help is very welcome.

Martin: feel like a team, we can do this. Need to step up for the successful council.

Ela: we'd need to improvise a bit, but it's ok. Joined on the moment of LT. Match with the timing, breaks etc. That's what i'd like to do.

Tim: we discussed a bit, but would be great to go point by point and outline ideas. Friday would be perfect. Thu after 3:30 pm also works.

Ela: ok

Martin: only friday, past 2pm. also 5-6pm thu (big maybe).

Tim: maybe 2 iterations and prework smth. And onboard Martin before that.

Ela: see the plan, will also reach Phoebe.

Martin / Participation in general

ticket, support etc

How can i participate? Can faci already. Anything else? Then i can see what

Martin: Start /end date? General state of affairs (feedback round):

  • Ela: already set up the schedule – is in the medium post. Fri evening would be SUPERMARKT. Sat-Sun full days in full node.
  • Anja: my part is PR/twitter. Announcing topics, was looking to ask if i need to tweet smth or call to action from followers.
  • Ela: Anja you're doing an amazing work. Really great stuff. Since we don't have concrete ideas maybe we can make small statements from the faci team members/core team. Then you can have some materials.
  • Tim: would rather have facilitators. After clarification can tweet more about the committed orgs etc. Either way can help creating more content. Will have a call with Matan.
  • Anja: best way to go – post quotes and promote individually (like with John Light). Whoever is the best. Maybe they add their feedback underneath. Soon we should be able to make a "thank you" note. got a message from Luuk, appreciate.
  • Ela: talking about the stuff that motivates us. For me: very much working with future of organization. Hope dgov will be a driving force to help design those orgs. What makes dgov so essential in building future orgs. or helps transforming.
  • Tim: we help to explore ways to make human-centric orgs and share experience about it.
  • Martin: is interested in iterating on values, principles and practices of distributing governance.

Can buy a full ticket.

Martin / participants and pay

how's the thing is doing?

Tim: can send you the budget, can also share the tickets. Commitments 25+, bought 6+.

Martin: How can we convert interest to sales?

Anja: they are buying and commit more now. Trigger discussions can help converting. That's why I asked.

Tim: would be good to ask them. Not sure about forum page. Not good from data protection.

Anja: it's about posting that themselves.

Tim: regarding the budget. If won't sell enough will burn next years budget.

Martin: interested in result for now

Tim: budgeted, can send you a link.

Closing round

  • Martin: happy to be back, feeling good about the council and us and what we're trying to do, give you hugs in Jan
  • Anja: glad that we had a call, happy to see people are more interested in the council. next week is xmas, will share holiday spirit. Other thing – Grace was asking about the satelite events. 2 other: ocean protocol, space decentral.
  • Ela: sorry for being late, good to hear you. Send out the question on faci call, doing anyways, looking forward to that, have a great day
  • Tim: happy to hear you all, looking forward for our faci call, excited
  • Max: happy as well, feel more energy, looking forward!