Tactical 20.11.2019






Max / Dragon Dreaming + Platform Canvas workshops

  • Max: Workshops for the Council
    • Dragon Dreaming Shared Vision
    • Platform Design / Canvas
    • Next Steps:

    • Reach out to Manuela and Eugenio (Ela)
    • Block in Agenda (Aeon)

Aeon / Council Communication+Personal Follow ups

  • Aeon: How it's going on so far → Ideas for improving the process
  • Ela: many follow ups
    • unclarity: should they get free access for hosting a session?
    • Not enough align communication
    • more shared excitement
    • To much Complexity around the culture (intent, why, motivation)
    • helping them to imagine the personal why
    • Finding what we can provide for people
    • Max: Calls are the best way to go → treat people as VIPs
    • Next Steps: for all!

    • Focusing more on follow ups → Be more personal and trigger contextually
    • Having a refreshing session for our aligned Vision?
    • Max: Implement value Proposition elements for landing page
    • Hold each other aware that we need to be consistent with personal follow ups

Ela / Issue: Tension in group communication

  • Ela: Disconnect with the WHY of DGOV, frustrated of the tone in communication
  • Irritation also by others that are related to DGOV
  • Missing Organization and clarity of the shared vision and connection to others
  • Aeon: Kind of a paradox, something like strict settings for strategies, Visions and other decisions are often blamed

Next Steps:

  • DGOV Council is an opportunity for clarification
  • Aeon: Motiviation because of holding a bigger vision, events are only single important steps
  • Max: Motivated because of great learnings in the past and looking forward to meet great people again
  • Ela: What keeps people from asking tickets

Max / Mastermind (Method/Format for Collaboration)

  • Max will send a link
    • diverse groups of people coming together for a specific definition/topic/purpose to help each other out/share expertise/ideas
    • "Loosing" Structure (todo lists) and helping each other out with engagements or DGOV
    • Aeon: If you want to consult people (DGOV, Out of reach) for specific questions and projects?

Next Steps:

  • Max: Exploring the format over the next time and providing content
  • Ela: Restructuring the Call format
  • Max: Asking and exploring → provide steps for empty centered group architecture

Closing Round

Aeon: At the moment we are not at the point of total trust and a culture of distributed responsibilities

Ela: We did a good job with trusted doings in the past, Group decision making needs to be improved

"Everything which is related to/directly effecting everyone in the team needs to be addressed to everyone"

Exploring more and stay aware for the distribution of leadership and trust