Tactical 23.12.2019


  • Max
  • Tim
  • Martin
  • Anja
  • Phoebe
  • Ela


Whats missing Communication issues and tensions ToDos and clarification


  • maybe holding team back
  • pushing into another direction than the energy moves
  • often been attacked and shut down
  • would like to work in the horizontal vision
  • don't see another way to resolve this than leaving
  • very sensitive to raised voices, non violent communication
  • feeling hurt, feeling disengaged
  • holding facilitation for the council - basic structure
  • it's not working like a full team
  • seems like Tim is stepping to the majority of organization


  • Tension from the early beginning
  • emotionally intense for something volountery and close to heart
  • unexceptable to solve the personal conflict
  • not willing to solve this seemingly unsolvable conflict
  • Don't want to work in that way/together anymore
  • except that he is not capable and willing to solve that
  • feeling responsible for the council but without communication it's not possible


  • also noticed the communication issues
  • high level of trust on my side, no high level of trust at their side
  • Tim/Phoebe know these difficulties for a long time
  • DGOV is not purely to have good relationships with others but also because we have an issue to solve
  • We are aiming for something bigger, surprised that in this context we stepped into these problems
  • would like to find solutions for that, offer support


  • in general it's possible to work with with both and there is a huge value in it
  • know that it's difficult to work with new ideas
  • we need to find ways and solutions within this project
  • our organization should be capable to solve such situations


  • We need to be able to solve such conflicts to stay authentic
  • Give each other space to breath and make a break
  • maybe find together in a couple of weeks/moths


  • Seeing a trust issue here
  • would like to solve this trust relationship
  • It's fine for me to trust others working on dgov and be reliable
  • what is the issue we want to solve here:
    • it's also ok to have this situation without clarity
    • council will help to solve some aspects
    • do the council together and get the most out of it


  • would hope to do the council together
  • conflict: Phoebe didn't feel safe to speak with Tim, missed calls, Tim felt incapable to solve
  • Tim felt like the bad guy but didn't get the chance to solve the conflict because of missing communication


  • Feels moved, everyone would like to continue working together
  • felt hurt and disrespected because of small negative behavior
  • There was a good time outside of the dgov team constellation
  • lack of clarity regarding leadership, is Tim in charge, It's Tims project, it's collectively governed?
  • Doesn't like when power dynamics and hierarchies are rising

What's necessary to do from now?

  • Ela: Separate call for the council - need for more relaxation and agree on a workflow
  • Tim: Solve it together with Ela as a mediator/facilitator. Would let Ela and Phoebe lead, but feel a bit silly and not able to participate
  • Phoebe: Happy to hold facilitation, somehow Tim is involved but able to let me lead
  • Aeon: no need to add more

Closing round

  • Max: Good to have the transparency and open dialog. Grateful to everyone taking time. Feel ok with the current state. Be more agile and push a bit in the next time. Continue afterwards with something like team building, offline meeting
  • Phoebe: Need trust for the own work. Thankful for the facilitation. Felt good to check in with the team. Try to be as communicative as
  • Aeon: hope for more relaxation and see the bigger picture and great work we are doing.
  • Tim: Happy that we came together. will trust Ela and Phoebe to organize the facilitation. Will support further orga stuff. Keep strict with the pricing and invitations.
  • Anja: Remind that this is the first Christmas together. Have group calls whenever possible. Grateful. Wish all happy Christmas.
  • Ela: Happy to manage the call. It's always systemic having problems like these. Reminded what trust means.
  • Saturday 4th, 11am CET - next call