Tactical 10.01.2020

Tim: Feels we are a bit late with communication to participants

Aeon: catering and working on sharing vision board for council

Anja: quite ok, arranging satellite event, now having more for preparations

Ela: interesting conversations, experiencing huge trust from the people who want to join us, encouraged by feedback, feeling energized about it

Phoebe: refreshed from holidays. Moved home. lot's of work this week. Regarding Council

Council Preparations


preparing slides with participants

Follow up Mail

  • Agenda (Ela, Phoebe)
  • preframing, remind not to advertise but share and serve a bigger goal/mental preparation to participants
  • Expectation for the lightning talks+request for proposals
  • Dinner: everybody is invited to bring something, we serve with basics, ask for confirmation
  • send via Eventbrite, Follow ups with all registered people in the form+add telegram handles Tim, Aeon
  • Invitation link to the telegram group for everyone who bought a ticket

Ela, Phoebe →Agenda and framing for the Email (Support for Tim and Aeon)


17 Tickets sold

Anja: People have the info about the time schedule

Do they need to suggest topics now or throwing all in at the council

Phoebe: We still have the rough scope and topics


  • Would like to combine contents from Medium article-Tim and Retreat writings-Phoebe
  • Lightning talk curation

Ela: Friday evening Dinner

  • We Provide the Basics
  • We facilitate → Ice breakers etc (Phoebe)


  • reserve Dinner Location (35 ppl/guests, self payed by) picoteo restaurant
  • close to fullnode