Tactical 31.01.2020

  • Martin: spent a week in bed, too much, need to take care about myself. Rested, have last thing to solve. Otherwise happy and good. Very happy about the event. Have a feeling about the community
  • Tim: am in Paris, am fine. Thins develop further. 3 things: gov project, AQUA with linguist doing non tech description, studying facilitation techniques – want to meet more people. Started dinners – now more come in other cities
  • Anja: getting back to my thesis, future of law. Heard a lot of request on dgov materials. Excited. A lot of traction on twitter.
  • Max: TED, community of community managers, meta, fintech innovation network
  • Phoebe: worked with the lottery, helped charities that create tech do responsible scans, long term thinking, scanning horizon. Next weekend will be intense. Warm Datalabs =). Need some help to share work. Doing dgov London Meetup.


Max / Council results

  • Anja: felt like a family even more than last year. Results and expectations were met. The flow: people now know more how dgov functions. Had questions but then understood we're not focused on single questions. We have reps from different fields. Great facilitation – different from other orgs.
  • Martin: Felt connected to dgov outside of the core. Was very helpful, felt larger. Connected everything together. Very happy about the format: open space and sharing. Powerful, exactly what we're trying to do. Intimate, came out with a good boost of energy. There're a lot of people who we can reach out to and who want to be more involved in dgov.
  • Tim: quality, easier this year, people from the last year help. Less effort to bring people together, reuse materials. Happy with the facilitation, felt like family. A lot of people wanted to do more. Game B, things tied to complexity lab, going horizontal etc. Lives up to the quality and intimacy, building deep connection. People were grateful for the experience. Was good. Might get more with the feedback forms. Everybody wanted to reconnect, we can facilitate. Sad about telegram channel as only channel. Maybe riot with rooms (Martin – enthusiastic?). Building real social networks, deeper level. Insight on state of blockchain and DAOs. Some form of admitting the failure of DAOs. People understood the people element (thanks Phoebe for the tweet). Great opp to do more in this direction and get more supporters.
  • Phoebe: Was great to have full autonomy and no stress. Could do whatever felt right – felt the trust of the group. My fav way. Relationship with Ela were very in sync, great! Like to work with her. Thanks Tim and Aeon to get the people in the room. This way of working, people are not used to them. Approaching things with trust, systemic view, and everything else follows. Lots of positive feedback. Session were a nice mix, liked Trent. have interesting follow ups. Map of community archetypes. What shadow characters show up. e.g. Troll, King/Queen – super fun and helpful. Anja and Chris H involved. Another event with Eugenio – immersive theater with headphones. Super fun. Having this light and fun things is important. Beyond facilitation, experience design. (Sillytation) Grace wants to host weekly calls. Our role is to make stepping up easier.
  • Tim: maturity of the debate. Coming to space allowing to be surprised, not expecting specific outcome. Language changed

Martin / Retro: what worked and not

Logistics etc. More important if we do another event. Also part of the feedback form.

  • i likes
  • i wish
  • how to (make that wish happen)


I liked: Great Food How the space was set up. That we had enough space in total and good support by the local team. I wished we had more sponsors and also some video recording / and an interview team which is interviewing / podcasting. I wished everybody had been on time on the last day. I wished it had been one day longer. Starting with Thursday evening until Sunday. how to nurture the community with more events wish: A thing which came up was - how did we miss the opportunity to ask for how we support each other on a personal level in the dgov core team?


I liked - trust in team - we have been through a lot but we are an effective team - facilitation - small facilitation team (2 or max 3) to make prep easy and synchronisation easy - the new facilitation patterns formed - Aeon’s help - space set up - abundance of materials - time keeping - we kept well on time - the space and that we stayed in the same space the full 2 days - glowing feedback from participants :) - staying in an airbnb with a few team members - saturday night dinner - saturday night event (and trust from team to go ahead with that!) - delicious food - informal feel - we were emergent and not too over-structured I wish - more accountability on showing up when we agreed as a team to have a meeting - a bit less of a feeling of ‘herding cats’ and scattered team - time outside - go for a walk together - a few more participants - longer time frame - maybe one more half day how to - start earlier on fri - state my needs to meet beforehand - bring more people


Liked - how we were organized - everybody is familiar with Berlin and Full node - many people from last year, not starting from scratch - amazing to see how everybody was slowly getting into the circle. As soon as people started talking agreements came more clear - had few conversation on how do we deal with this things. People ask why are we different from other tech events – safe space. Positioned ourselves as a safe space. Creating trust, cant be automated. The flow was great, techniques weren't followed – everybody spoke anyways. wish: - continue doing so. we understand how different was it at start. - harvesting, outcomes, see where are our limitation. - Sat plans affected Sun morning - having same mindset, be more connected to each other - create more out of it, meeting earlier, setting the strategy


Liked - how team was sharing responsibility - spontaneous and natural coming together, solving issues like with that troublemaker - food - open space Wish - more transparency (with incidents) - more community involvment with organization - smaller circles to start with How to - open up and invilve the community more - smaller groups


  • Liked Some, ask for result, conflict resolution
  • Wish harvesting go live in real time
  • How to: come and help with that

Tim / Moving forward

Don't want to do calls (Tim, Ela)

Anja / Stances about dgov

Max / Cities

Closing Round