Ethereum / Tenna

The priority information we want to get (on chain/links)

The influencers stances bring bigger value. Specifically cause it's harder to game. With gas voting don't know how I feel – people recycle addresses.

On the influencer stances – ok to have links but having top3 right aways would be better.

Buidling Core Devs Engagement

How might we get more important people to use it?

Vitalik is important. Can ask him when it's released. Comes to meetings, wasn't attending for a while. Focusing on core devs and major dapp devs.

Build a direct contact with those groups.

The governance page in the etherum github, propose – Hudson can help accepting it.

Buidling a group maybe 1/mo. call discussing the topic (not sure). Having fireside chat/townhall. Can try one of those.

The EIPs we need to focus on

1057 fine for now. 2025 is withdrawn

Should be some filter by controversial

Once something goes to final, withdrawn – no need in signals anymore (archive)

Would be interesting.

What can be surveyed overall:

  • Where do you get information? (week in ethereum, chats, telegram)
  • How do they want to participate in governance?

Trying to increase the participation in governance? Making attractive, maybe reward or smth tangible.

On the core dev calls sometimes need to rediscuss, cause somebody remembers wrong or new information appears.

Works now through online and in-person (being more powerful).

EthMagicians participation

Need tp figure out who's gonna go.

Who could help? Maybe Lane.

Moloch once more

Once we get can vote, but not sure can request.

Closing Thoughts

Direction is right overall

Need to make goviral, hopefull an get support for that to happen.

Can make a monthly advisory call.