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RadicalxChange 2019 Conference Press Release.pdf1343.4KB

Press Realease

Dgov foundation Announces #dgov hacker node at Web3 Summit

Dates: August 19-21, 2019 Location: Funkhaus, Berlin

For 3 days of the summit the DGOV foundation will host the presentation and discussion space for engineers, entrepreneurs and social innovators. We're bringing together practitioner, researchers and community to share the updates on the current use cases and tools in the distributed governance space. Lightning talks, panels and workshops will lead participants over three days to meet each other, brainstorm ideas, and leave with actionable agendas for changing the world.

The agenda will be separated in the 3 fields for each day:

  • #dgov philosophy and cryptolaw
  • DAOs, markets and on-chain mechanics
  • Soft governance and case studies

Sample of the discussions to be held:

  • Decision making in funds distribution: current successes and fails
  • DAOs: Dissecting the generalisation

We'll have speakers from Aragon, Consensys, Tezos, Edgeware, MolochDAO, Metacartel, Blockscience, Enspiral and more.

Find the agenda and full list of speakers and panels (constantly updating) here: https://forum.dgov.foundation/t/web-3-summit-dgov-node/63

You need the Web3 Summit ticket to attend this and other hacker nodes at the summit.


DGOV is a nonprofit organization founded by Tim Bansemer, Max Semenchuk and Anja Blaj in 2018 to develop the community and make educational events around the distributed governance space. It previously received financlia support from Aragon, Tezos and Tabookey.

There's more then 400 members in the dgov network in all parts of the world. Meetups happen regularly in Berlin and occasionally in places from London, Paris, New York, Amsterdam to Caribbean islands.


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