Goal & Updates

  • Max: i want to build "Teal Ukraine" through most efficient organization
  • Tim: 1% idea. Use direct participatory research to crowdsource the analysis. 1% in collaborational platform. Implementation of dgov, without hierarchies
  • Anja: – global covid 19 policy response, have 30+ lawyers. See how their countries crumbled, don't see the policy responses in different regions and how hard to follow the regulation. How should a non-lawyer understand. Identifying the lawyers. How to build collab, will become bigger. Transfer into collaboration platform. On Sat will have 1st sprint. People see the forum, but don't see the database. Provide them with 3 hour sprint.


Max / How to overcoming prisoners dilemma?

Anja: have a feeling, when you go into common denominator, there's a specific person in place who everybody respects highly – meaning, present to each other = no connection. Good leader who can present so he/she builds value in them. Presenting other people with aggregation. Like all the ideas and results came from them. People who push the ideas. Next time they need to push – they connect. (Tim loves that) Backfired, not supported by surrounding people, doubted. Now compensating. Needs to be the balance. Can be too much. Will lose the trust in her as well.

Tim: leader is how we did it before, no movement can work with single leader. Pushing other people is a great idea. Still comes from the idea of leaders. Story shown she didn't support the right leader. Not scaling. Interconnecting the networks, friendships and emotional connections. Like religion. Love builds connection

Anja: prisoners dilemma doesn't include the bigger picture, other connnections

Tim: it's a reductionist approach, don't see their picture, maybe they love each other.

Anja: how do we overcome self interest, problem is, as soon smbd thinks his interest isn't taken into the account everything breaks. People trust themselves the most. Trust isn't as strong as self interest. Parts of me. Trust degradates, how to build trust. How do we build trust? Institutionalize.

Anja / How do we build interconnectedness efficiently (meta/groups)?

Anja: noticing, when we build bridges, some people are mindful, many people are just waiting for the info. Notice impatience, people don't want to wait and follow up with the same speed. There're different speeds, can ruin the trust. Not sure people understand how hard is to build the bridge. Don't see all the work put there, disregard. Lawyers trying to do it collective, provide suggestions and people are quite. Don't mind, people don't have a good understanding of how we do things, aren't interested.

Tim: don't understand and see it. Understand intellectually. In dgov we don't see all the connection, people don't conceptualize. Don't think that way, system thinking. Only minority thinks. Can only build with people who understand. Some people are lazy or don't want to burn. Community work is not acknowledged, feels like a sacrifice. Same we all did, need to find a way to balance and care, or we can't do it. Either we have good support and understand the necessity

Max: a) community strength b) education. Communnity metrics: integration, satisfaction, retention, interconnectedness...

Tim: can make a community, classify as a friend. Trust XYZ, affiliated. Way to measure that.

Max: logical levels: a) things b) actions c) principles/values d) mission/identity. +Future backwards

Tim: visions aligment. FB – shamanic tradition. Envisioning the future, how they wish it to be, combine with the feeling. Way how they exercise their fate. FB misses the emotional alignment. If we take to spiritual. Resonates with hearts.

Anja: will try.

Tim: have also instruction to day dreaming.

Anja: like the levels.

Tim: Sprial dynamics and NLP is about the same.

Anja: these things come from the social aspect. Our group of lawyers, many different organizations are building own databases. Lots of work, let's integrate. Not just interconnectedness. Big picture, integration with social science.

Tim: network of networks (nexus). Language is different, emotion is shared language. Emotional attachment becomes essential. shared believes system.

Tim / How to reach my TA and get people engaged?

Language to complicated, lack of channels

Closing round

  • Max: many thanks, rewarding
  • Anja: same, lessons learnt through dgov. Hard to see these connections every single say. See how lessons are being applied on daily basis
  • Tim: like to speak on this level, community, always the purpose of dgov. Doing this work together. Very essence i wanted to do. Want to share more practices. Shamanic stuff, ancient tech. able to tap into other realities and energies. Happy to share it, say what you want. Have a guide for basic practices.