Positive Social Impact Ecosystem.

Everything is connected.

We are a think tank that emerged in response to the coronavirus pandemic in Ukraine to enhance solidarity and resilience of the Ukrainian society.

We unite specialists from different fields and sectors (civil, public and private) for:

Every week, we gather verified information about the situation in Ukraine: challenges, projects that solve them, and overall trends. We strengthen human and organizational relations via goal alignment, effective coordination, and systemic synergy.


Each one enriches the next:

  1. Media partners disseminate information about our work, and people join our community.
  2. People from the Community join the game and actualize their personal needs and struggles.
  3. By engaging in various Games and challenges, people achieve their goals and improve skills.
  4. At Meta School, they take upskilling to a new level by forming teams and addressing specific social issues and SDG targets; experienced participants lead discussions and start tutoring.
  5. Promising teams receive expert mentorship and funding via Incubator.
  6. Most successful projects raise external funding and direct a portion of capital to the Impact Fund; professionals who are members of the community can dedicate a part of the income to the Ecosystem; this goes back to finance previous levels.

Get or offer relevant help when needed. We believe that overcoming a crisis is only possible together. Ready to join? We have a bunch of activities and resources:

ImpactUA Products

  • Database of Creative Ukrainians;
  • MetaGame, an engagement tool/platform/workflow for volunteers/activists/Ukrainians abroad;
  • MetaSchool, a framework for P2P online learning, upskilling and human development;
  • Re:incubator, an incubator for startups and social entrepreneurs;
  • ImpactPass, a SSO and CV for volunteers/activists/Ukrainians abroad to collect experiences, track their social impact and get connected.

ImpactUA Projects

  • Social Cohesion series of public discussions;
  • Shortlist of TOP problems for Ukraine (over 30K views and 2K comments on this forum);
  • Financial literacy initiative and Future of Work report;
  • SUNconference – a virtual unconference event on the topic of social economy;
  • portal.

ImpactUA Services

  • Consulting (open price)
  • Community mapping & management (open price)
  • Research & ideation (starts at $5,000)
  • Recruiting (10% of the yearly salary)
  • Peer Learning (pro bono to volunteers via Meta School)

Looking to partner with us? Let us know and we will match your needs with one of our value offerings: from advising to bringing insights and talents to launching nationwide initiatives.