Jeremy Musighi

Jeremy Musighi

Partnerships, grants (ecosystem fund), communications

Workshop Topic

Liquidity Bootstrapping Pools

Who is it for?

Small teams & DAOs

  1. Key use case for a team that's getting ready to launch a native token for the first time
  2. Fair distribution
  3. Genuine price discovery


We provide the technology & tools, to create token sales most startups will prefer

We don't take commission. The team launching the pool sets trading fees for the pool and collects those fees themselves.

Legal questions

Check out your jurisdiction. It's ~DAICO. Check for yourself.

We don't support KYC now in 1.0, 2.0 has it (launching soon).

What is different

Price discovery is healthy

Mitigates advantages of the whales

Initially it was ICO, currently is IEO (through exchanges)

Big downsides of IEO are

  • big commissions to the exchange
  • restrictions on who would participate (KYC)

With our solution – no one will feel that can't participate. Connecting with the community in really permissionless way.

Who did / how did it go?

Perpetual Protocol ( – 1350 buyers raised $15.3M (~$10k per person). Was well distributed (unlike Uniswap for example). Around 10-15 companies tried. (also Razor $7M etc)

HydraDX - raised $23M, 5,274 participants, $48.3M in swap volume in 3 days


Since LBPs work differently the team needs to make sure they will explain it in the content. But there're many examples ready you can take.


interest – anyone with a cryptoproject

format – feb/mar 2021, program+grants etc

risk – need 10-25+ startups, 40+ regs?