BUIDL Kollektiv 0.1

BUIDL Kollektiv 0.1

Я фаундер, прихожу и хочу сделать awareness о моем продукте локального уровня

Needs and benefits

All pojects must be related to VA in some sense: from development to cooperation.

1.2.1 Startups need tech and human resources, media outreach and strategic partnership. While this could be earned, it might cost years in marketing or a high burn rate. What they can offer is flexibility, openness to creative approaches and own communities.

  • Early stage / Founder: validate product-market fit (overcoming marketing risk), (trusted) network, funding, brand/trust
  • Mid-Late / Manager: adoption/scale up, community, decentralization

1.2.2 Media require a stable source of income. We see a transition from ads to subscription and special projects. The KOLLEKTIV might offer a targeted and well-planned pipeline of clients. What's more, the power of the cooperative is in shared content and cross-promo. This creates a multi-stream of information while concentrating on the BUIDL rather than seperated projects.

1.2.3 IT firms are looking for clients. Those interested in digital assets and fintech partners could join the KOLLEKTIV for a yearly membership fee (see 2.2). This would streamline their outsource pipeline and expand our BUIDL ecosystem.

1.2.4 Likewise, creative studios are in constant search of their clients to apply fresh ideas and viral use cases. They attempt to monetize own content and communities but struggle to achieve this on their own. The collective would allow more companies to get to know them, and feature affordable PR services (see 1.2.1).

  • (Creator – creation of content, size of the audience, monetization of content

1.2.5 Where one ecosystem ends, another begins. We envision an interoperability and convergence of startup/crypto/social ecosystems that have specific goals and values in common.

Ecosystem first

  • A vast network of Telegram, WeChat and Reddit channels in 3+ languages.
  • Unified blogs help to gain momentum and focus the attention of readers.
  • Discounts for the members.
  • Strategic partnerships via shared:
    • client/customer base;
    • tech services;
    • products.

Services available

  • Creative and Technical writing
  • Community Management
  • Production
  • PR
  • Event management

Team interview

Что поможет?

  • Провалідувати контекст (3 мало), треба прийнанні 10 глибинних інтерв'ю
  • Якщо валідний і буде зацікваленість – знайти команду

Как привлекать?

  • Легше розтягнути на кілька місяців
  • 1-2 сесії на місяць з менторами
  • Був досвід – багато теорії, мало часу на практику

Какая информация нужна?

  • Для токеноміки/кооперативу – зрозуміти об'єктивні цифри на піар, маркетинг
  • Яку цінність можемо дати в кооперативі
  • Ландшафт медіа країн CIS
  • Перевірені партнери

Что может пойти не так?

  • Більшість може сказати що не цікаво
  • Медіа не погодяться і будуть гнути свою лінію
  • Команда не збереться і буде відтягуватись
  • Неправильна токеноміка




  1. проект заносит $1000 / год (пример)
  2. команда делает чек команды (может развернуть)
  3. постановка задачи (увидели на рынке, лиды или разработчики...)

Как я получу свою публикацию?

  • На протяжении года будут выходить публикации



Ecosystem / Tokenomics


  • Reaching a majority of votes on common questions (at least 51%).
  • Reaching consensus in important matters (at least 90%).
  • Co-owners have 2 votes, members (including creators) have 1 vote.
  • There can be a max. of 25 co-owners. There can be a max. of 25 active members.
  • The voting is done via available blockchain voting instruments pre-approved by the founding members.
  • Larger equity ownership doesn't increase the number of votes; however, it does increase the share of profits.

How to join/exit

To join as an active member, there is a $1,000 yearly membership fee.

To join as a co-owner, one must participate in equity ownership (see 2.3).

Free for creators and media (in exchange for cross-promo). They are considered active members when participate regularly (co-owners check monthly).

To exit from the active member, one should only make a monthly notice. The membership fee cannot be returned.

To exit from the co-owner status, one must delegate (or sell) its ownership to a new member approved by the cooperative. If the cooperative doesn't approve a new member, the co-owner may leave without compensation. This equity will be available for sale again later. The cooperative may or may not buy out this equity from the member that leaves.


How much is the cooperative worth? There is a soft cap of $100,000. This is a lower threshold for the KOLLEKTIV to kick off. The hard cap is $1,000,000 but would increase according to the goals achieved and members included (if any equity left or available for sale). No equity dilution is planned.

The minimum equity ownership is 4% ($4,000 at the beginning). The maximum equity ownership is 10%.