Funding Support

Incubation Market Research
USF Collab
Cluster go
Fintech Sandbox

Acceleration program for startups

  • 1+ mo./twice per year
  • format online+offline
  • min 2 regions offline
  • focus on IT products development
  • Collaborations done

Hackathons for developers




  • Created a full 2 mo. course
  • P2P education for developers (as in school 42)
  • Can support any type of process
  • Experience in the acceleration programs for teams
  • Brand: X Teams

Legal Qs

  • We can use our NGO "Blockchain Association of Ukraine"
  • Though there's a better suited partner who have already speacialized processes we could eaiser use their NGO or create analogue

Why Blockchain?

  • Our community has vast experience in the creation of world-class products and promotion (crypto + creative industries)
  • Blockchain is the enabler for other industries (4.0, Finance, Health, Transporation etc)
  • We can provide huge developers and advisors' expertise
  • Advise the wise use of technology (no need to put blockchain everywhere)

International partnerships update

Sweden - speaking with Findec

  • What is the preferred type of organization for the third partner? An organization like Sthlm Fintech Week, or an SME?
  • How is C-19 affecting this, since a lot of the activities seems to be around community-building and cross-border activities.

Any ideas?

Next steps

  • Could you share your feedback/ideas pls?
  • The December 2 deadline is really soon, how far are you in the application process?
  • Who is the lead coordinator for the project?

Best regards,

Max & Nata

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