Incubation 0.2

Incubation 0.2

As a development program initiated by the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine together with BAU and BUIDL ua, we see the great value of hackathons in market development.

We want to complement the program with online incubation before the hackathon and create actions to attract the attention of global investors. Therefore, we want to support the Blockchain ua hackathon with our events.

Goal: Create more successful virtual assets products

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1. Customers & Pitches

Speaking, Event planning, Communication planning, Curation, Editing, Narrative Development, Multimedia Production, Graphics & Design, Writing, SEO, Taxonomy or taging mgmt, Brand, Storytelling


Monday, Nov 30 15:00-16:00

2. Team & Leadership

Listening & analyzing, Response and escalation, Moderation & conflict facilitation, Promoting productive behaviours, Empathy & support, Facilitating connections, New member recruitment, New member welcoming, Member Advocacy, Behaviour change & gamification


Wednesday, Dec 2 15:00-16:00

3. Product & Tech

System configuration, Data collection & analysis, Tool evaluation & recommendation, Technical Support, Member database management, Platform architecture & integration, Software & application programming, UX & Design Algorithm, design & data manipulation


Friday, Dec 4 15:00-16:00

4. Strategy & Planning

Strategy & Roadmap Development, Policy & guideline development, Needs & competitive analysis Measurement, benchmarking & reporting, Trendspotting & synthesizing, Consulting, Executive coaching, Evaluating engagement techniques


Monday, Dec 7 15:00-16:00

5. Ecosystem & Partnerships

Community management, Business model development, Budget & financial management, Selling, Influencing & evangelizing, Advocacy & promotion, Training development & delivery, Vendor management, Governance management

Ecosystem & Partnerships

Wednesday, Dec 9 15:00-16:00

6. Demo Day

Twice a year, Y Combinator’s latest batch of startups present to an invite-only audience of approximately 1,000 investors and media. We need to do it bi-weekly.

Demo Day

Friday, Dec 11 15:00-16:00


Founders' needs

  • Assemble a team
  • Get investment
  • To be on the cutting edge of knowledge in the industry
  • Find solutions faster

Program goals

rip the lid off the traditional org frameworks
encourage collaboration
increase cross-pollination of ideas and implementations
cover expenses
to have the most FUN while doing it.




  • 5 Skill Focused Modules: Communication, Leadership, Product, Strategy, Partnerships
  • Integration with the Blockchain ua hackathon attracted 1 sponsor
  • Net Promoter Score 6.1

👍 We Liked

  • Collaborating in workshops was fun and time flew easily. Participants liked the facilitator and tutor's support during the process. Playing with cards felt like a game.
  • Meeting interesting people. It was noted every meeting, especially when new people came. New connections gave new perspectives and that was enjoyed by the group.
  • Getting support. While this sprint most of the work was done on the incubator itself rather than on teams' projects. Still, conversations led to productive connections with investors and partners for other few participants.

✅ We Learned

  • New approaches: Value Proposition, NPS Measuring, Community & Team Planning, Product Planning, Strategy (Future Backwards) & Ecosystem
  • Skills: Pitching, Emotion Mapping, Motivation
  • Tools: Mural, Notion, Parabol, Airtable

🙄 We Lacked

  • Better onboarding including the roadmap, tools, educational content, and how it supports founders' goals
  • More experts in the group with proper intro and proofs of value
  • More collaboration through proper networking and project cooperation
  • Developing products from our own cool ideas
  • Reviewing all cases from participants

😱 We Longed for

  • Higher engagement level from the team and other participants. Maybe through setting commitments on time and resources. Needs further discussion with the members
  • Solving more cases. When we are more prepared now we could possibly address more issues in the same period of time