Incubation 0.3

Incubation 0.3

New Features

Demo Day

Pitching investors plus teams could listen to each other, give feedback and see how they can be useful and what collaboration may be possible in the future

Onbording support

Mentor matchmaking, individual booking, buddies for the sprint to help with the homework. Maximum collaboration, feedback and insights

Thematic research / workshops
Team + Workshop booking
Conference / workation trips
Knowledge base
! Balancer event – презентация и вопросы
> Follow up NEAR when school is ready
! Jesse Walden advisor To help build the ownership economy, I’ll partner with entrepreneurs and communities at the earliest possible stages

GoTo Market


  • Virtual Assets + Crypto
  • Ukraine, Sweden, Germany, Slovakia, Belarus, Georgia, Poland, Russia
  • Startup, Ventures, Ecosystems
  • Polkadot, Tezos, NEAR, Ethereum, IPFS...


  • Personal Recommendations (WOM)
  • Dev channels (Blockchain UA, gitcoin...)
  • PR & Media (campaign)
  • Webinars @BUIDL, Meta, Teal, dgov, dao incubator

Unit Economy


  • Team budget $5k x 3 mo.
  • Marketing budget $5k
  • Tools budget $3k?


  • Mentor registration
  • Founders Registrations
  • Interviews
  • Advisors (+%)
  • Raise $k
  • Revenue $k
  • NPS
  • Deal Flow (contacts, meetings, deals)
  • Mentions (social, academic)