Agile Manager

  • Organizational change artist: Guides the organization through agile adoption (and re-adoption)
  • Boundary keeper: Reinforces healthy role boundaries both within the team and between the team and the greater organization
  • Value maximizer: Manages the portfolio of projects like a product owner manages a portfolio of user stories, always asking what the highest business value project is now
  • Lean manager: Uses lean thinking to improve organizational flow so that the value teams deliver can be realized without delay
  • Organizational impediment remover: Finds the gritty courage it takes to remove entrenched impediments
  • Team champion: Offers observations from the team boundary and releases the team to reach their fullest potential by truly believing they can

Health indicators:

  • Current sprint on target?
  • Next release on target?
  • Product owner’s direction clear?
  • Sponsor satisfied so far?
  • Sponsor confident in future delivery?
  • Team actively taking their next step toward high performance?