EnerDAO Q2

🫐Green Transition Research
  • Create community expert board
    • Manifesto
    • Review the strategy, whitepaper, roadmap
    • Platform strategy definition / Key strategies / change vector
    • Registration / shared base / Expertlist
  • Prios
    1. Specialists (CFO, CTO) – Max?
      • Thought Leadership pieces / panels ~згуртованисть themes + networking. Unlocking Energy Finance in
        • Hydrogen / Methanol
          • База от Андрея (Эрик – чувак из BCG, соавторы по книжке, консультанты)
          • Будущее водорода в разных странах – была книжка, можно собрать как базу
          • Каждый автор писал про свою страну в 2040
        • Renewables
        • Power Markets / Permitting / Capacity / PPA / CFD
        • Decarbonization
        • Carbon Credits
        • Web3
        • https://www.weforum.org/agenda/2022/09/renewable-energy-gap-solar-finance
        • create concept / invitation
      • Telegram group dev (50-100 participants)
      • Skills mapping
        • Finance / Investor / Backers / Guarantors – Linkedin
        • Permitting / Legal / Auditor / Underwriter (local by region) – Linkedin
        • Hardware Engineers (electricity architects) – Linkedin
        • Software / Web 3 Engineer
        • Marketers / Communications / Community managers – Twitter
        • Project Managers / Energy Executives / Risk – Linkedin
        • EnerDAO base
    2. Project Developers – Arthur?
      • Cust Dev
    3. Investors – Andrii?
      • Traction – projects and specialists







London Tech Week

Соглашение адвайзора / “SAFT”



Community lead?



Work with the Current team, Martin, Victor…

Build a working group (roles, rules, rituals, channels…)
Evaluate a few projects
Define the flow and criteria
Engage more projects and experts (channels, platforms, financing, governance…)

Proposed Activities:

Trusted Seed Sponsorship

AI + Web3 Unconference (500+)

Workshops and events facilitation

Organize and host workshops and events to educate the community about EnerDAO and renewable energy. This can include guest speakers, interactive activities, and networking opportunities. Additionally, consider collaborating with other organizations in the space to increase exposure and attract more participants.

  • Mutual consultations
  • Experience exchange
  • Brainstorms
  • Communication

NFT Governance integration / Skills Mapping

Explore the possibility of integrating NFTs into the EnerDAO ecosystem, potentially creating unique NFTs that represent ownership in renewable energy projects or granting access to exclusive EnerDAO events.


DTEK, Hynfra, Real Carbon Tech, Carbo miner, Андрей Бансер, Fuel well..

Explore / Define the needs for expert engagement
Discuss the bounty opportunities
Test out a bounty program for a real case

Partnership with renewable energy companies + Onboarding Explore partnerships with companies in the renewable energy space to collaborate on projects and increase exposure for EnerDAO. This can include joint marketing efforts, co-branded content, and potential investment opportunities.


SCM Advisors, a16z crypto, Blackrock

Review and provide feedback to the existent projects (incl. expert reviews)
Validate the legal/financial aspects of the deals
Invest in the 1st project

Proposed Activities:

  • VA2030 proposal participation (includes a16z crypto and more)
  • Further work on the Tokenomics proposal

Next Steps?

stop for now / turn to on-demand ~$160/h
$1600/mo. (q2 retainer?) to maintain current capacity
$3200/mo. double down

EnerDAO proposal for Max Semenchuk 11.04.2023

1) 0,5% in the first 3 moths, and in case of sucess another 0,5% in the next 3 months of the Advisors future tokens share which concludes 1% or 500 000 platform governance tokens (ENRD) and in accordance with the token unlock and vesting shedule for the

Advisors cohort.

2) Mentions in all relative content of the project as an advisor

Disclaimer:*Check the unlock valuation in the "Token unlock by month $" TAB*The proposed token valuations for raising private rounds of investment can be revisited, but they are a starting point for the more sophisticated financial model.The private rounds investor token unlocks will create sell pressure on the treasury, accordingly, an adequate back-up liquidity pool has to be created from the profits of the platform operation.We have seen multiple examples of similar business models and propose the following: - 10% of interest fees for the first LENDING stage + 10% of revenues in case we can find a workaround to lawfully finance PE investing in such project SPVs.- a 0,2-1% commission on withdrawals (depending on the token, project, senior, or junior tranche)- 100% of collateral is covered off-chain by projects. Projects tokenize their collateral through a partner platform and transfer the tokenized collateral to the EnerDAO entity.- 30% of funds are secured with on-chain collateral provided by the junior tranche. A Treasury Pool filled by platform participants with stablecoins. Higher risk and a higher APY. In case of default, the junior pool lenders will have the option to buy out the NFT collateral and effectively take over the assets of the given borrower at a discount to further develop the project or sell it.Side notes:1) There are more and more incoming requests for equity financing from project developers. The need is real.2) One of the first hires we will have to make (or community contributors to involve) will have to be energy market experts and energy finance experts to help us fine-tune the project's business models and evaluate their adequacy.

What is expected from our collaboration?

  • Lead the community building efforts for EnerDAO
  • Contribute to GR relations in Ukraine to support power asset tokenization regulations and promote a legal way fro foreign investors to participate in Renewable Energy Technologies investing through debt and/or equity in Ukraine
  • Contribute to the tokenomics of the project

KPI`s for sucess of commuity buildign sucess to keep this agreement intact.

Twitter activity:

1. Follower growth: Start by aiming for an initial 500 followers by the end of the 3-month period with the target audience focus as follows: renewable power technologies developers and ReFi/DeFi enthusiasts 80/20. This growth can be achieved through consistent posting, engaging with relevant communities, and collaborating with influencers or partners in your industry. (Max -lead)

2. Engagement rate: Engagement rate is a metric that measures the level of interaction between your content and your audience. It is typically calculated as the total number of engagements (likes, comments, shares, etc.) divided by the total number of followers, multiplied by 100. For example, if you have 500 followers and your content receives 50 engagements, your engagement rate would be 10%. Aim for a 5-10% engagement rate on your social media platforms. (Max -lead, AV,AB,AG - support)

3. Active community members: An active community member is someone who regularly participates in discussions, comments on posts, shares content, and contributes to the overall community atmosphere. In this context, aim to have at least 50-100 active members who engage with your content and take part in conversations on your social media platforms. (Max -lead, AV,AB,AG - support)

4. Quality content creation: Target the production of 1-2 high-quality content pieces per week in accordance with the pre-approved content plan, such as blog posts, infographics, videos, or other forms of content that resonate with your audience and showcase your project's value proposition. (Max -lead, AV,AB,AG - support)


Logics of this proposal
How connects with prev proposal (also role – advisor, work operations)
Other advisors? (how many ppl/years)
How/when to get to real money
Pitchdeck / Investor offer
Legal / whitepaper / Tokenization
SoMe / Community Traction / Website
What we do if we need to split