Foresight 500


  • understand better the world in 500 years
  • take some insights to guide us today
  • intriguing intellectual exercise for a limited group of people (can enter or create)
  • Include Ukraine in the dialogue (не стрьомних?)


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Discussion #1
Discussion #1
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Search other people timeframe 100+
Search other people timeframe 100+


  • Look back to Look forward:
  • create some tangible evidence about the world as it was in 1522-1572. this will help understand the magnitude of change

  • Mapping of basic types of Sci-fi? Like (Cosmic utopic, Apocalyptic.. etc. etc.)
  • Future Vending Machine: gather designers to imagine things that will be sold in the world of the future

Consider such macro scenarios (Arc) – What if … Zombies


Need to develop tangible fact about world in 1522-1545 years, to be able to feel the scope of change possible

500 лет = 20 поколений, какой рост продуктивности, какие системные угрозы

Key Future Factors

  • Mars Society / Global governance
  • Energy / Nuclear synthesis
  • Climate Change, Water levels, Tornado
  • Demographics
  • Species evolution
  • Trans-humanism
  • Quantum computing
  • Space
  • Biotech
  • Смешение наций и война корпораций
  • Экономика: люди, данные, внимание

Хто думає на 100 років

  • діти (Грета Турнберг)
  • кийтайці
  • ми з Саєю
  • ООН?
  • Ной Харарі?
  • Арабські уряди? Дубаї?
  • Далай Лама
  • Церкви?
  • Ілон Маск?
  • Іра Соловей?


Habitat 500 - видение от разных ученых

Knowledge base

Futures Literacy Lab: