G$ OKR Strategy Alignment Proposal

G$ OKR Strategy Alignment Proposal




  • Develop G$ as a community oriented project
  • Define the Grant Program and it’s First round
  • GoodDollar needs professional development for core team members, contributors and community members
    • I'd love to see a track for practical master classes, technical, token economics and governance. Liberating structures, Griff etc..
    • A track to create the values/mission and processes for the upcoming community pool in V3.
    • Practice giving with G$


  • GoodDAO Manifesto: Values and mission
  • Community & Engagement Plan
  • Community Fund Vision
  • Creation of functional Sub-DAOs (Grants and liquidity pools etc)


What would we do

Work can be broken down into next stages

  1. Goal Setting & Sync (~2 weeks) – proposed now to set expectations and alignment of developmental visions
  2. Piloting (3 month) – will validate the assumptions, bring first results and engage partners
  3. Execution (year+) – realisations and support of the developed plans

Stage 1 – Goal Setting & Sync

Proposed workshops:

Meeting #1 – Foresight
Meeting #2 – OKR Draft
Meeting #3 – OKR Alignment
Meeting #4 – Roadmap

Additional / Optional:

Manifesto workshop
Community Benchmark

We’ll work in Zoom + Miro (preferred desktop participation), each session 1-1.5 hours on average. Can be stacked if needed.

Model: Open Price – pay after based on the value perceived. This will help to define the value exchange and can be a basis for future work estimation. Can share historical data on how it was valued before if needed.

Stage 2 – Piloting

Here we’re developing solutions after understanding, also engaging more experts from the community.

Stage 3 – Execution

A year+ plan program


  • Facilitation – Max Semenchuk
  • 10-15 people from G$
    • core 5
    • community 5-10
  • 3-5 people from TS

Good Dollar – customer

  • List of participants (names, emails, position)

Max Semenchuk – facilitator

  • Innovation: 15+ years R&D, 10+years in facilitation & self organisation
  • Collaborations: Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine, UNDP, World Economic Forum
  • Companion, co-investor https://wiki.trustedseed.org/

Trusted Seed – seeding community

will add brainpower, as well as potential stewards and angels

Next Steps

Finalize this proposal (some parts in yellow need clarification)
Give right to your notion space (max.semenchuk@gmail.com) so I can make pages etc
Craft Invitation
1st strategic call can be booked in https://calendly.com/semenchuk/call or via chat