Fund Work Q4


$REGEN in the mix? (10-20%, $regen comes from foundation or a few partners)
SDG Impact fund (Event Invitation - REGEN DAF)
What happens if money stops before work is done?


SDGIF - Impact Account Form.pdf1738.9KB
SDG Impact Fund - 2023 Brief Updated (5_22_23).pdf9656.0KB


Biome Trust $10k
Cerulian – $10k
Regen Foundation Foundation – $8.5k USDC + $1.5k in REGEN
Regen RND – $8.5k USDC + $1.5k in REGEN

Jacob Gadakian of Notional validator and Alexander Kondakov of P2P validator are willing to serve as signers for a multi-sig/groups wallet.