Report Jun-Sep’23

We’ve been in conversations with Will since mid Jun about this group. Now almost a quarter since i’d like to share main updates on the progress.

It was presented on the Commonwealth as well as on Community calls, twitter space etc. Next stop – weekly REGEN Tokenomics Working Group calls on Tuesdays at 11:00am Eastern on Zoom, beginning in October to discuss the details and build in public. You can register here.

Finally we’ve setup the fund as a DAF (donor advised fund) in SDG Impact Fund. Biome Trust were the first to send $10k and we have Foundation, RND and Cerulean with same commitments. We plan to engage $100k over a year. Here’s the budget for the first month, including my $2k fee for the work done so far in this quarter.

Please share your comments and questions, Max, $REGEN Tokenomics working group steward.