Gregory Landua

Theory of change / RND goals / tasks

2 primary premisis:

1) Open Network approach is necessary for environment (not bureaucratic which is captured). Big farma and medicine – big upfront costs needed. How Science is captured by economics in large biz, same carbon markets and biodiversity.

Need open institution, incentivizes transparency & open science, checks & balances. Capture of truth.

2) Humans can actually be a force for regen, not hard. Ecos should be responsibly brought into economic systems. Eco health as a public good, foundation of wealth. ~Eco services. Stewardship of resources can build new wealth. ReFi meme. Goes to Balance sheets, goes to communities and becomes transformative.

Can’t have corpos to take it all.

Decentralization/Democratization? Activating & restraining. Sense & Truth making.

Nations with big forests should be rich. Stakeholder governance. Standards used and governed by the community. Power in the hands of the closests.

Story? need to come up. Memefication & storytelling – focus of next 6 mo. Digestable and rigorous.

3) System co-owner and operated by right stakeholders. Down to computation & sovereignty

Gregory Ideas for Tokenomics

MVP – simple and focused on linkage of ecocredits and value of the token.

1) Upgrading fees for minting and transacting eco credits. Fee split is parametirized.

Deflationary preassure, fee goes to aproppriate commons. Ratio is less important, e.g. standard.

This page: Token Fee Split 1.0

Platform Fee 5% → 2.5% registry; 2.5% marketplace

Buyer Fee → 10% to marketplace

transparent rating system

2) insure we can trust an actor as administrator, need to bond / stake.

Slashing bond if bad agent

3) I forgot the third idea that I clear to me, which is to start including block rewards for “data providers” and “credit issuers” with an equation that ups their staking rewards for providing those services to the community and decreases the block rewards that are give strictly to “security providers".


  • Volume of sales/fees/block rewards? projections? ($75?) 7% on 5-10M ~$10-30k / mo.
  • Who’s buying? Tokens sales activity dead?
  • token value = investment in all eco credits / creator ownership
  • dec ownership or rich fund?
  • OP type of gov thing?
  • RWA
  • Utility / Governance conflict

Tech / Cosmos

Mesh security & advanced tech, fully aligned with stakeholders

  • Pretend to be L2 like Polygon with EVM?
  • Multichain L2 / neutral / connective tissue
  • Off chain community
  • Groups Module

Exec summary

Sarah want to think together

Tokenomics 2.0 Regen Network

Cory, Ryan, Aron (CTO) Christian (CIO)