Dominated by the validators

not a lot of money for many features

CTO leading the product (Aaron very smart)

SWOT analysis / user segments and value

4 main stakeholder groups: land owners, scientists, tech…

What role various capital and institutions play (demand / market side)

What knowledge / output / big questions in the mind?

Your perspective on the eco

  • More clearly defined role of institutional funders (Sarah works on that) - how those become autonomous agents
  • HSBC, pollination (is a big natural capital company funding carbon projects), asset managers and banks, guys like Microsoft (sust. finance – make regen a part of what they do, participate)
  • VitaDAO, Molecule have Pfizer, need major player of each type
  • Start seriously to consider participating in the protocol (immutable provenance data from our assets)
  • How VCs can brings the folks in (regen has the small team, need a way to invite)

Key Strength

  • Science is very good, Open Science
  • Transparency

Key Weaknesses

  • Engagement of the demand side
  • Strong ecosystem builder from institutional / commodity sales (Sarah strong, but needs a team that hands to the Protocol)
  • Weak value prop (compared to VitaDAO, Molecule) and brand for institutions


  • AMC Frontier $1B carbon, lot’s of corps – those people should know what Regen is
  • Microsoft bought $2.5M carbon credits – yearly budget, have $100M
  • Liquidity


  • Validators centralization / can be annoyed with the price
  • CEX offering – might be not successful