Copy of Governance

Impact Mapping


In order to push the XRT price to $125 and beyond we've focused on the goals of the engineering community (hypothesis). This includes such goals as:

  • +20 new products build on Robonomics (satisfying their needs with our part)
    • Engage more ROS Developers
    • Generate more teams / projects / ideas / use cases
  • +1000 new devices connected to the Robonomics Services
  • 5 projects in Web3 Foundation Incubation


Interviewed people shared next identities:

  • Entrepreneur / Founder +++
  • Project / Product Manager +++
  • Hardware Engineer +++
  • Software Engineer +++
  • Consultant ++
  • Communicator / Marketer ++
  • Architect
  • Academic / Researcher
  • Robo-/IoT-related business
  • Robo-/IoT-related ngo
  • Community Builder

Started a small open CRM to track important people in the community



  • Sergey led an outsourcing development company (e-commerce) since 2009. In 2012 learned about bitcoin, began to study and develop
  • By the age of 25 Sergey had team, business experience and a good understanding of the blockchain field. Around that time a bunch of friends had received scientific degrees in Robotics
  • We started to research the application of blockchain to robotics. Nick Szabo's paper cites a vending robot as an example, super logical. In 2015, we assembled the first research team, spent 2 years developing it for our own money (from Ethereum investments and some mining)
  • Then we raised 5000 Eth in a public ICO (around ~$1M at that time) it was enough for our team to build the tech, avoiding lavish spending popular at that time
  • First, we wrote the autonomous agent AIRA, the software for the robots to work together in the Ethereum network. In 2017 we saw a place for a token, and this is how Robonomics came to life.