Bert Barra

Bert Barra

Polka Embassy

comms management, 7 years

Priotities and community goals

The main topic is, how can I help Robonomics to grow in the future. I was texting with Arina already about he possibilities in Slovakia and I'm trying to look for some institutions in Hungary and Czech republic as well.



  • Universities? (but lockdown)
  • Found a drone project for checkups on warehouses

I would love to know more about your ideas and about how you can help me in the future with marketing to accomplish our goals.



Meantime I will try to ask her to send me links to some high quality basic official articles about Robonomics, which you can recommend to share and translate.

I will try to prepare a basic proposal document block and send out to my business partners and repost them on our social media. We can plan some conference calls in the future too with the interested parties.


Who from this list do you identify yourself with?

Hardware Engineer
Software Engineer
Entrepreneur / Founder
Project / Product Manager
Academic / Researcher
Robo-/IoT-related business
Robo-/IoT-related ngo
Community Builder
Communicator / Marketer

How did you find out about the Robonomics Community?

Polkadot Embassy – trying to help, found out from them

double interested

How involved are you in the Robonomics community now?


How involved do you want to be?

Lessons in the winter school – would be published? (all lessons on youtube channel or robo wiki)


What’s working great in the network now?

  • good community
  • fantastic usage base
  • winter school
  • marketing
  • (cant evaluate tech, am not engineer, but would like to learn)

What can be improved?

  • Winterschool – expected everybody come with background, looked forward to understand basics. 1st lesson immediately very technical. Maybe lessons for beginners
  • People don't understand deeply in tech (PM, BA...) need to slowly teach them, afеer they find ...

What are you looking to get from the network?

  • Want to help
  • Love the projects
  • Make lives of people better in the future
  • would like to experiment in the future

What could you provide for the network?

Provide Training, Workshop, Education (can find better people0
Work in groups
Organize Events
Network governance
Business Education

Which people should be involved more often or present in the network?

  • Technical people!
  • Students/Teachers/Researchers – teach to spread (good idea to start at the universities, also connects to biz)
  • Developers
  • Businessmen / entrepreneurs
  • Marketers (SoMe...)

What’s the best way to stay in contact with you?

Medium Blog
Youtube (don't have much time)


Which products do you use/know about?

Whitepaper / Scientific Publications
Book Robo Economics (17,18)
Robonomics Winter School
Robonomics Github Repositories

What monetization models would you support to make community more sustainable?

Individual donations (for very good ideas)
Grants (support max)
Incentive programs
Membership fee (don't understand)
Paid services (definitely, but already inbuilt in token)
Tokenomics in general

What roles/responsibilities/tasks do you expect from the community managers in the ecosystem development?

Facilitation of the dialogue, orchestration of the stakeholders, collaboration
Making events
Research & knowledge building
Consulting & training
Support adoption and integration
Develop innovative products (pull ideas, prodducts etc)
Supporting good ideas
Marketing / Spread the word
Identity and accreditation
Empower people do their own steps on the journey
Funding – won't be a problem if good marketing
Maintaining the community infrastructure (wiki, forum, chat group, social media)
Build a community – friendly management

Anything else?

What are the long term plans? Some special milestones by 2021, 2022, specific goals? – incl all github projects

switch to the native token in services

Kusama slot

Become an IoT chain for all projects

Mass adoption? 3-5 years (rough individual estimationx)

Support our marketing (capacity to talk with professsors and companies). Not a big pro, but can go for meetings – conference call, meetings and so on. Need a tech support if I find a project. > go with a request