Ian Arbouw

Ian Arbouw


Ian Arbouw (peacefighter1996 - Dutch guy):

1) equipment tester

2) product buyer

  • reduce paper trail (не уверена, что это относится сюда)
  • Documentations -> more explainers
  • Give a project - end goal for the school
    • e.g.
  • you made an app to talk with the blockchain
  • got a sensor working on blockchain
  • Fore slideshows for podcasts
  • 600 ppl in Discord only 10 active
  • Contact universities


Who from this list do you identify yourself with?

Hardware Engineer
Software Engineer
Entrepreneur / Founder
Project / Product Manager
Academic / Researcher
Robo-/IoT-related business
Robo-/IoT-related ngo
Consultant (not a focus)
Community Builder
Communicator / Marketer

How did you find out about the Robonomics Community?

Linkedin, team mates approached me, discussed interesting topics for me

How involved are you in the Robonomics Community now?

2 (semi-active on the winterschool, but no comms further)

How involved do you want to be?

depends on the situation, starting a Masters in Robotics now (can be busy)

What’s working great in the network now?

Can't make a good conclusion on that. Great part now – the entry boundary is low.

But still some prior experience in programming needed. Smbd who has software related knowledge mostly. Others probably too, but not sure.

What can be improved?

Mostly the wiki. A lot of the struggles i encountered, reencountered at the people who were doing the course itself. Few topics discussed were repeated issues for other people. When you guide people to tutorial take them step by step. If step's missing – people need to find it and can misread. Take them along!

Another thing – amount of RAM usage. A lot of dev work with 16GB RAM Work Station. Since most run in Windows primarily would be hard to run tutorials. Needed to put on the other station (32 GB) in order to work.

#commercial: Maybe some life demos of sensor networks. If I look for instance at sensors ratings, it's fine, but not that impressive. Because it doesn't tackle a problem solved within HTTP2 specs. Fukushima sensor can also be called by a RESTful API.

What are you looking to get from the Robonomics Community?

Learn a way to quickly integrate systems with blockchain environment. Robonomics gives a very good way to do that, I see the potential. Especially in Robo Economics, that topic is interesting because I see a lot of potential in this field.

What could you provide for the network?

Provide Training, Workshop, Education (esp if I get deeper)
Work in groups
Organize Events
Network governance
Ideas (think in solutions, need problems to give progress)
Business Education

Which people should be involved more often or present in the network?

A few accelerators. The reason is I don't get a feeling that if you target large companies, it won't be effective because of the number of steps you need to take. Accelerators give potential to connect with a lot of startups and they are more willing to join this initiative.

Engineering firms – people who are designing the systems (developers, architects), in industrial automation and robotics.

What’s the best way to stay in contact with you?

Medium Blog


Which products do you use/know about?

XRT (RWS) – could be, but not sure
Whitepaper / Scientific Publications
Book Robo Economics (17,18)
Robonomics Winter School
Robonomics Github Repositories

What monetization models would you support to make community more sustainable?

Individual donations (could be, but less)
Grants (mostly)
Incentive programs
Membership fee
Paid services (fee is relatevly low, not bigger than AWS cost)
Tokenomics in general

What roles/responsibilities/tasks do you expect from the community managers in the ecosystem development?

Facilitation of the dialogue, orchestration of the stakeholders, collaboration
Making events
Research & knowledge building
Consulting & training
Support adoption and integration
Develop innovative products (pull ideas, products etc)
Supporting good ideas
Marketing / Spread the word
Identity and accreditation
Empower people do their own steps on the journey
Maintaining the community infrastructure (wiki, forum, chat group, social media)
Guide for information (who is close can send you to the right persons)

Anything else?