Masoud Iranmehr

Masoud Iranmehr



Who from this list do you identify yourself with?

Hardware Engineer
Software Engineer
Entrepreneur / Founder
Project / Product Manager
Academic / Researcher
Robo-/IoT-related business
Robo-/IoT-related ngo
Community Builder
Communicator / Marketer

How did you find out about the Robonomics Community?

A couple of months ago mr Landa Hans found me on Linkedin and sent tutorial on Mars Curiosity and asked me to work with that. Took me 2 weeks to execute the tutorial with a bunch of questions. Until winter school some questions were answered.

How involved are you in the Robonomics Community now?


How involved do you want to be?

5, but i don't know anything about Rust, if i knew it – i could communicate with your developers more

What’s working great in the network now?

Your Winter School was totally good as the first course for robonomics. But I think it must be better for future. At first, I have provided my personal feedback about this course. Then I propose some suggestions on how to make Winter School more attractive for people and also developers.

We could directly message developers and other contributors and ask questions. Was very good idea. Helped me to be more curious to continue the lessons.

What can be improved?

I think your program for making people familiarized with your platform had some small problems:

Before this course, you have tried to show people with your most valuable example on your website (Mars Curiosity). I think there was some issues around this idea:

  • Your website was not suitable to provide step-by-step lessons
  • People could not directly run Mars Curiosity, because they want to know what is actually your platform, not what robot you are using. When I saw your website for the first time, I have not understood what your platform actually presents? It was ambiguous for me. I think this feeling holds people from learning and understanding of your platform.
  • I believe that the first occurrence of people to your platform is much more important than the other ones. The first occurrence must be attractive to stimulate people to keep watching on your website.
  • People should learn about the core of robonomics from your simple and well designed examples, not from Mars Curiosity.

Your course was totally good and eliminates some weaknesses mentioned before. But still lacks something:

  • People who were not curious about your platform at first, could not receive any impressive attractions from your presentation and your first lesson. So you lose them. In the fact, this Winter School could only work out for people who were curious to learn something new, not ordinary people or developers.
  • This Winter School did not provide good and abstract initial resources about the fundamental concepts of robonomics. People may not be familiar with Blockchain, IPFS and … . I think this is not a good method to expect them to make questions about your very basic concepts. You have to at first provide some useful and simple resources to teach them and then you can move forward to lessons.
  • People who want to know how they can use your platform inside their robots could not understand the procedure from your lessons and website. You have to provide some good examples & tutorials in order to guide them on how to do that without answering you about it. It must be clarified. This helps your platform and your community to grow better.
  • Some of your examples and lessons have some problems that make people frustrated to keep watching for next lessons. Those must be more simpler and cleaner.

I suggest that your lessons & tutorials on website must be a kind of a story to make attractions. A story of some simple robots which they want to communicate with each other. Then you show people about your methods in step-by-step.

  • I saw a video on youtube about using robonomics in Duckitown Robots. Why you have not paid attention to that? Why I can not see any resourses and codes about it in your website? This is really a good sample to introduce people your platform and its functionalities.
  • I have provided some questions from myself as a beginner to your platform. If I could find my answers from your resources and more importantly from your website, it is likely to be more curious about your platform.
    • What is actually robonomics?
    • What can do this?
    • Is it simple to use?
    • Is it clear to understand?
    • Details on how to show that attached

What are you looking to get from the Robonomics Community?

Want to work with you as a developer, but know that i'm not able due to lack of Rust/Web3 experience. If there're opportunities to learn and use... To know the structure of the code to contribute, would be really glad. Or if it's not possible – i can create example on Python and C++ for users who are familiar with these languages. Can make good examples and make their robots available for robonomics networks.

What could you provide for the network?

Provide Training, Workshop, Education
Work in groups
Organize Events
Research (if have enough knowledge, maybe in the future)
Network governance
Business Education

Which people should be involved more often or present in the network?

Developers to contribute and learn, make impact on the resume

What’s the best way to stay in contact with you?

Medium Blog
Youtube. Use more video channels. If your platform can make more video tutorials for wiki on Youtube and how to contribute
Linkedin (good for finding people)


Which products do you use/know about?

Website (got much better)
Wiki (is enough, but not really good to teach people and make familiar)
Whitepaper / Scientific Publications
Book Robo Economics (17,18)
Robonomics Winter School
Robonomics Github Repositories

What monetization models would you support to make community more sustainable?

Individual donations
Incentive programs
Membership fee
Paid services (for future, not advanced enough now)
Tokenomics in general

What roles/responsibilities/tasks do you expect from the community managers in the ecosystem development?

Facilitation of the dialogue, orchestration of the stakeholders, collaboration
Making events
Research & knowledge building
Consulting & training
Support adoption and integration
Develop innovative products (pull ideas, prodducts etc)
Supporting good ideas (it it was more modular as Python, it could support contributions)
Marketing / Spread the word
Identity and accreditation
Empower people do their own steps on the journey
Maintaining the community infrastructure (wiki, forum, chat group, social media)
Build a community – friendly management
Provide courses and webinars on Web 3 / RUST

Anything else?

Dog robot is very suitable for testing the platform, because it support physical simulations. People can make good relations with physical or simulated robots – help showing how our platform works with robots. Make people much more curious.