Plan / Reference person
Recurring revenue at least $1k/mo.

  • Социальные предприниматели
  • Крнсультанты
  • Платформы


  • !!! Create more dgov research: Заниматься не ресерчем организацией, а организацией рисерчей!
  • dgov cluster (+Связать все организационные чаты в 1 рассылку)
  • Agency
  • Cohesion
  • Complex & Scalable Governance Systems
  • DAOs, On-chain governance & Technical tools
  • Shaping the future of networks
  • Blockchain Governance
  • Legal research, cryptolaw
  • Organizations of the future
  • Remote as a topic
  • Border & size of the dgov/digital/distributed governance
  • Who needs dgov most? Coops leaders, open source?
  • Find thank you stories (+Thank all on behalf of the community)
  • Post dgov tweets when send to the chat
  • Dgov show Like Jan Topless (our planning, how we work...) – promote youtube channel
  • dgov border (who's in) + what minimum you get
  • Partner with Odyssey
  • We start fundraising on things discussed on the council
  • Dgov report 2019
  • Grace mastermind
  • Onboard every person in-person
  • What people in why they join – best advertising for the network (see Eric Brown)
  • who of you are planning to be around EthDenver next year? And would you guys be interested in crafting some collab for DAOfest?
  • Publish dgov development priorities
  • DGOV newsletter > forum updates
  • Orghacker develop through telegram chats

‌Strategy & Goals

  • By Phoebe?
  • Sustainable participation (paid position)
  • Easier onboarding & contribution
  • Increase the trust and connections in the community
  • Clear expectations agreements and participation (specific goals & tasks)
  • Clear focus, priorities and planning
  • Decrease cognitive load
  • Recognition for contributors
  • Transparency decision making and other process

  • By Ela?
  • Fund the organization for 6 months
  • Support the industry standardization & collaborations
  • Support 3 governance experiments (e.g. with coops)

  • By Max?
  • Run the research producing events
  • Support the projects & researches with connections, coverage etc
  • Coordinate the ongoing researches with the academics (avoid overlaps)
  • Help researchers find right people to interview
  • Identify the needs for tools
  • Identify stakeholders & funding strategy

  • by Tim?
  • By Anja?
  • Create greater awareness about the topic
  • Amplify the movement and the network

  • Get new actor into dgov ecosystem - customer
  • Много новых людей в коммьюнити. Нужно с ними общаться и публиковать инфу
  • Use Kusama Art
  • image


TA: Network & community Builders, DAO member & practitioners, entrepreneurs and academics working with the networks.


dgov fund $18-36k with Tim


  • Trust
  • Fairness
  • Integrity
  • Respect
  • Empathy
  • Appreciation
  • Egoless
  • Honesty
  • Caring
  • Joyfulness
  • Fun
  • Relaxed
  • Timely
  • Kindness
  • Self-reflection

  • onboarding program

Community care (which I would rename internal coordination & strategy, or governance):

  • handbook
  • internal coordination
  • work distribution
  • project management
  • Genesis should be neutral

Dgov council Jan 2020

  • deliverables: council of 50 people, facilitation beforehand, follow up, and media outputs (e.g. video, interviews)
  • organisers salary
  • facilitation fees

Dgov retreat 2020

  • similar to above with some differences around number of people, logistics etc

Community care

  • biweekly community calls
  • Berlin, London, Barcelona meet ups
  • internal working groups facilitation
  • partnerships

Onboarding & Contribution Guidance


  • Checklist
  • Wiki
  • Personal support
  • School of self organization project? e.g. monthly education and consulting session
  • Onboard personally every person that joins dgov

#dgov house

  • The best place to around major conferences – nice, big, cozy
  • free for contributors of the dgov
  • Place for the afterparties
  • sponsored by Aragon/DAO stack etc
  • or plus Giveth (dgov♥Giveth)
  • working sessions with community at dgov house

#dgov retreat

  • build relations
  • coordinate the work
  • learn more
  • have fun
  • create shared vision

#dgov donation campaign

  • Open up financial support

  • Improve and use Genesis as a fund? Add budget categories, strategy? Aragon to invest in Genesis as well?


  • Create more interoperability, collaboration and experimentation.
  • Should Aragon collaborate with DAO stack? Where?
  • Rchain and maker DAO cases of bad governance
  • Create sourcing pools for 3 direction

Brand / Identity

  • Print themed sticker pack (dlov, nature etc)
  • Attract branding specialist


Political scientists (governance researchers and academics), Social scientists, Sociologists, Economists (incl. behavioral), Artists, Judges, Lawyers, Politicians, Philosophers & Ethologists, Activists (Do-ers, change agents), Systemic thinkers (complexity experts, practitioners of transformation), Anthropologists, Game theory & mathematics, Hippies, Developers, SSID People, Psychologists, Platform coop people, Interdisciplinary people, Students, Holacracy and sociocracy experts, Coaches, Social workers.


  • Sensorica/Open Value Networks
  • Yuval Noah Harari
  • Jimmy Wales, Wikipedia
  • Peter Senge
  • Jim Whitehurst, CEO Red Hat
  • Dries Buytaert, Drupal Foundation
  • Brian Robertson, Holacracy One
  • Tom Thomison, Encode
  • Daniel Schmachtenberger
  • Daniel Christian Wahl

Dispute resolution

  • Mediators list & process
  • Ethical and legal platform for innovation
  • NVC court

Open Value Network Layer

  • Sobol: goals, structures, agreements
  • Custodians (funds, personal data)
  • Workshops (Design Thinking etc)
  • Use blockchain for efficient data exchange inside the network
  • If we loose inactive part of the community moving to the new platform – it can be refershing and good


  • Open up roles
  • Use participative tools (github/underscore, google docs...)
  • Resource distribution protocols
  • Building alignment across the contributors
  • Strategy presentations (videos in the newsletter?)
  • Regular surveying


  • Create dgov research journal
  • Develop dgov blog and put materials there
  • breakdown people by skills and interests (senses?)
  • Who makes the best events in the space? Ethereum, RadicalxChange
  • Whiteboard series?
  • Use ISSDG
  • Newsletter
  • Attract Lane, take off the tech hurdles from him
  • Take content (tweetstorms, notes, videos) from other conferences
  • develop the knowledge base (videos, articles etc)
  • what knowledge we need?
  • Invite dgov AMA (Sensorica? and other wishlist)


  • Curating a monthly newsletter (+ dgov highlight of the month)
  • Support dgov space projects with publicity
  • Enable time-warp (send in the most convenient time)
  • Summary of the month chat topics/activity

Working Groups

  • Manage the portfolio of researches
  • Take any group and develop it forward, even if a bit
  • Should be titled as the end result of the work
  • Forum calls: select a topic and make the push

#dgov Council

  • 2020 Q1 Dgov council #2
  • Preset topics for councils
  • Research WEF/COALA/RxC... approach
  • Invite people like political scientists, future thinkers, yuval harari etc (see survey)
  • Developing the #dgov forum, so members can exchange valuable info on more in-depth topics. Harvest from events etc.
  • Grants/lower prices for the students

Research partnership

ISSDG, Ledgerback, Sensorica, govlabs, Institute of innovating governance

Wikipedia as a research platform

  • S3nd research straight to the wikipedia. Setup bounties for the successful publish
  • It will also create great traffic magnet
  • Compensate top authors, they can delegate funds

LMS: working in organization of the future

  • +exam

Communication Layer

  • Network Map & SSID
    • Integrate ID system with contacts, hubs maps etc (Keybase?)
    • Maintaining and expanding the ecosystem map
    • Add profiling info (interests, skills etc)
    • Reputation
    • Matchmaking tool
  • DGOV chat with channels
  • Moderating the #dgov chat on Telegram and potentially other channels (rotating moderation?)

  • Allowing for cross-posting: #dgov tweets on Telegram
  • Calendar – curating a #dgov event calendar
  • Informational Partnerships
  • Regular meetups in Berlin, London, Barcelona, Amsterdam etc – Organize and participate in local network events / meetups. Goal – self-education?
  • Forum
  • #dgov blog / journal – use medium or for the network relevant articles
  • Shared glossary/definitions
  • Job board / forum topic?
  • Arrangements with John L (Aragon), Kate B (DAO Stack)...



Identify stakeholders & funding strategy

Governance model and roles

  • Define and agree


  • Sources
    • Individual donations (open fun prizes for different level contributions – e.g. 1 hour consulting on self organization, or a set of book/articles)
    • Grants (talk with foundations)
    • Membership fee (magazine?)
    • Paid services (trainings, workshops)
  • Distribution Mechanism (Giveth, Moloch, Aragon...)
  • Workshop on paid products
  • Ask community for help
  • Legal Institution? partner with someone?


  • neutral, progressive

#dgov festival 2020

  • Burning man for org innovators
  • Attract Felipe + creative direction
  • Hybrid online-offline event

Things that will make adoption easier:

  • clear recognizable use cases
  • Solving common problems
  • Easy to explore and experiment
  • Awareness
  • Low risk

Tech won't solve this. People will. You have the ability to solve these problems.

  • Collaboration
  • Education
  • Vision
  • Personal change > Family change > Community change > societal change.

Culture Layer

  • Ministry of memes – develop artful insights on what's going on in the network (sensemaking)
  • Art
  • Games
  • Fun
  • Inspiration
  • SWAG
  • Stickers, posters etc
  • Create a show – create funny reviews about the companies and people in the industry

Awareness / educational campaign